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Affordable Raccoon Removal
Raccoon Removal Brampton

Professional Wildlife Removal Services


Get Compassionate Hands-On Removal of Baby Raccoons From Brampton Attics



Are you dealing with nuisance animals in the area of Brampton and want to know who to call for humane removal?


Contact our Brampton Animal Control Services to get rid of raccoons from the nesting area in your attic today.

  • Our Brampton Wildlife Control Service is available throughout the Peel region and we have trained technicians with years of experience. 

  • They know how to remove wild animals like squirrels and raccoons from the attic spaces of residential and commercial properties.

  • Our animal removal process involves sticking to the local by-laws in Brampton when removing a raccoon infestation and other unwanted critters

  • Superior animal pest control service with prevention to stop property damage, installed by experienced wildlife removal technicians for complete wildlife solutions to all animal issues.

  • Reasonable and competitive wildlife removal industry pricing compared to other wild animal control services near Brampton Ontario.

  • Our Raccoon control services in Brampton come with a 5-year warranty  & guaranteed 100% Customer satisfaction, or your money back.

Brampton Raccoon Removal Brampton

The Risks of DIY Animal Removal


Save Your Time & Money By Not Wasting It On Wildlife Control Methods That Don't Work

Our Brampton Wildlife Control team can also provide helpful tips and tricks to deter raccoons from properties in urban areas and prevent them from entering the attic or crawlspace.


Don’t risk your safety by attempting DIY animal removal methods. Trust our experts for Affordable Raccoon Removal Services in Brampton.  Call us today for all your raccoon control Brampton and squirrel removal services. 

Don't wait too long to hire wildlife removal services - Contact animal services to take care of your unwanted guests today. Our humane removal Brampton services will keep you, your family, and the animals safe.

Brampton Raccoon Control
Brampton Brampton Raccoon Removal Raccoon Removal

Leave Nuisance Animal Control To The Professionals

Get Fast, Hassle-Free, Affordable Wildlife Control Services


Raccoons can cause damage to your property, contaminate your attic or crawlspace with their droppings, and threaten pets and children.


Our trained professionals use effective techniques to safely remove raccoons from your property and prevent them from returning.

Do not attempt DIY wildlife control methods, as they often injure the animal and yourself. You can rely on our affordable wildlife removal services for all your animal removal needs in Toronto and Brampton. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Why Humane Brampton Wildlife Control Services are Best.


At AAA Affordable Wildlife Control, we believe in humane practices when performing any wildlife removal in Brampton.


Injuring or killing a raccoon can be against local ordinances and cause further issues with their family and other animals in the area.

Our trained wildlife removal professionals have the experience and specialized equipment necessary to safely remove raccoons from your property without causing harm to wildlife animals around them.

Contact Affordable Animal Removal experts for all your animal removal needs in the Greater Toronto Area.

A great choice for humane raccoon and squirrel removal in Brampton

How We Deter Raccoons and Squirrels from Your Property.


In addition to wildlife removal services, our team can also provide helpful tips and tricks on deterring raccoons from your property.


Some methods include removing anything raccoons might eat, like pet food or fallen fruit and vegetables. Block access to water sources if possible, securely store garbage, trim tree branches that may give them access to your roof, and install barriers such as chimney caps or heavy-duty screens.

Get Affordable Wildlife Control for humane raccoon removal in Brampton. Contact us today for a free consultation. Don't let raccoons take over your property

Preventing Raccoons from Entering Attics and Crawlspaces.


How Do Wildlife Removal Companies Raccoon-Proof A Roof?


Raccoons often seek shelter in attics and crawlspaces, causing damage to your property and leaving droppings that can contaminate the area.


Our team can provide tips on preventing raccoons from entering these spaces, such as installing heavy-duty screens or chimney caps, trimming tree branches that may give them access to your roof, and ensuring all entry points are sealed off.

Don't wait until it's too late - trust the experts at Affordable Raccoon Control to take care of your raccoon problem and prevent future issues. Contact us today for a consultation. Let us handle all your wildlife removal and prevention needs in Toronto. Choose our Wildlife Control Brampton experts to remove your unwanted animals.

Affordable Raccoon Removal Brampton

The Importance of Professional Raccoon Control Services.

Our trained raccoon removal Brampton professionals use effective and humane animal control techniques to safely remove raccoon babies as well as red and grey squirrel babies, by hand, for residential and commercial customers while also preventing them from returning.

Squirrel removal in Brampton sometimes requires protecting many small areas to permanently keep the squirrel problem from coming back and to stop other animals from causing further damage.

Contact customer service today a schedule a consultation. Choose Affordable Raccoon Control for professional, humane animal removal services.

Getting Rid of Raccoons Around Your Brampton Home


Are you tired of the raccoon infestation on your property? While it may be tempting to try DIY Brampton wildlife removal solutions, the most effective wild animal control method is to deter them from coming onto your property in the first place.

Here are some tips and tricks for squirrel control and keeping raccoons away from the roof and attic space:

  • Keep all food sources, including garbage cans and pet food, sealed and inaccessible to animals.

  • Trim or remove nearby trees or branches that are close to your house that could act as easy access points for pests to rooftops.

  • Install barriers such as fencing or wire mesh around vulnerable areas like chimneys or attic spaces.

  • If you have a bird's nest in the soffit, hire wildlife removal technicians to remove the nest and seal entry holes since bird eggs can attract raccoons and grey squirrels into your attic.

  • Remember, the best way to deal with a pest problem like raccoons in the roof vents is to have prevention measures installed by wildlife removal Brampton specialists.

Introduction to Raccoons and their Role in the Ecosystem


Raccoons are highly intelligent and have adapted very well to city life throughout North America, from Canada to Panama. They play an important role in their ecosystems as prey and predators, helping maintain a balanced food chain.


Although they may seem cute and curious, raccoons threaten property and human health. This is why it's important to practice proper prevention methods and seek professional help for removal when necessary.


At Affordable Wildlife Removal Brampton, we believe in humane raccoon removal practices and want to help you safely remove any unwanted raccoon visitors from your property.


Contact our wild animal control services today for a free consultation on how we can best address your raccoon problem. Don't let pesky raccoons take over and cause more property damage.

Best Raccoon Removal Brampton  Techniques 

Wildlife Control Deterrents That Get Results


Looking for raccoon removal solutions that works? We resolve nuisance wildlife problems and conflicts daily, so we know what works and what's a waste of time and money.

Locating all potential wildlife entry areas is the first course of action; installing a one-way door and sealing open entry areas is next on the list; finally, adding prevention screens to roof vents, gable ends, chimneys, and other weak spots on the property raccoons frequently damage will prevent another entry hole and keep your next wildlife problem issue at bay for years to come. 


Getting rid of things that attract hungry animals to your yard is important. Pet food is never a good idea to leave outside. Bird Nest Removal from your soffit might not seem urgent but raccoons eat bird eggs and is a reason why raccoons end up living inside attics. 

Affordable Raccoon Removal Toronto

Everything To Know About Raccoon Baby Season


Did you know that the raccoon baby season runs from March to August? During this time, it's important to be extra cautious when dealing with baby raccoons on your property.

Mother raccoon behaviour can become aggressive if they feel their babies are threatened or their nesting area is discovered, so it's best to leave removal and deterrence efforts to the professionals. If you suspect there may be baby raccoons in your attic or crawlspace, do not seal off the area, as this could trap and harm the young animals.


Contact a humane wildlife specialist for assistance. Remember, never approach or try to handle wild animals yourself! Stay safe during raccoon baby season.

How Much Does Raccoon Removal Cost In The Greater Toronto Area

At Affordable Raccoon Control, we offer competitive pricing for raccoon removal services in the Greater Toronto Area.


The cost of removal can vary depending on the extent of the infestation and the specific methods needed for removal.


Our trained professionals will provide a free consultation to assess your situation and provide an accurate quote.


Don't let pesky raccoons disrupt your life – trust our Affordable Wildlife Removal Company for efficient and cost-effective wildlife solutions.


Contact our affordable wildlife removal services today for help with your nuisance pests.

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Affordable Raccoon Removal

Is Raccoon Trapping The Best Option?

Commercial Pest Control Services Typically Use Traps As Their Best Option

Most businesses will already have a pest control company they use for mice and rats, so when they suddenly have a squirrel or raccoon infestation inside the ceiling it's only natural for them to ask their pest guy to remove it.


They might catch an animal and think the problem is solved. They might catch non-target animals, forcing you into paying the highest industry prices to eventually solve the problem.

A wildlife control company is a better option and can identify the wildlife species and will be prepared to extract squirrel and raccoon babies when necessary.

A pest control company might assume that because you haven’t heard any noise or because it is daytime, the animal must be gone and close up the hole in the roof.

Our affordable raccoon removal Brampton service does not promote trapping animals as the best way to solve a nuisance animal problem ut understand that it is necessary at times to prevent damage and remove the risk of disease from cross-contamination associated with raccoon roundworm if a raccoon latrine is too close for comfort.

Wildlife removal companies that offer trapping and relocating raccoons as a first option may just want easy money but can’t necessarily the raccoon population around your home this way.

Prevention screening installed by experienced wildlife technicians to problem areas on a roof is a proven technique that has more long-term results for stopping re-entry and keeping raccoons at bay.

Other Wildlife Services in Brampton


Wildlife control companies in Brampton offer a range of services beyond raccoon removal to address various urban wildlife conflicts. These services are designed to help homeowners and businesses maintain safe and secure environments while coexisting harmoniously with the diverse wildlife in the area. Here are some of the additional services these companies typically provide:

  • Squirrel Removal and Exclusion: These companies specialize in safely removing grey and red squirrels from attic spaces, crawl spaces, and other unwanted areas. They also implement squirrel control exclusion techniques to prevent the squirrel problem from recurring.

  • Bat Removal and Exclusion: Wildlife control experts are skilled in safely removing bats from buildings and structures, often using humane exclusion methods that allow bats to exit but not re-enter, ensuring their conservation while addressing human concerns.

  • Bird Control and Deterrence: Services include bird nest removal and deterrence of nuisance birds on buildings and structures. These experts employ a variety of bird control deterrents that discourage birds from congregating in unwanted areas.

  • Skunk Removal and Odour Control: Skunk removal services include prevention that blocks unwanted skunks from gaining access to areas where they like to nest. Wildlife control companies use safe and humane techniques to manage skunk conflicts. The smell from skunk spray can be unbearable and disrupt your sleep so fast removal of the skunk problem is essential.

  • Groundhog Removal: Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, can cause damage to landscapes and structures. Wildlife control professionals are experienced in safely trapping and removing these animals.

  • Rat and Mice Control: Addressing rodent infestations requires a comprehensive approach, including trapping, exclusion, and sanitation measures to prevent future infestations and control health risks related to rodent waste. Wildlife control companies offer effective solutions for rat and mouse problems.

  • Snake Removal and Exclusion: When snakes find their way into residential or commercial spaces, wildlife control experts can safely remove them and provide advice on preventing further intrusions.

  • Coyote Management: In urban areas, encounters with coyotes can become a concern. Wildlife control companies can implement strategies to deter coyotes from coming into close proximity to human-populated areas.

  • Opossum Removal and Relocation: Opossums are common urban wildlife, and when they become a nuisance, wildlife control experts can safely trap and relocate them to suitable habitats.

  • Cleaning Services - Get rid of raccoon droppings inside the attic with attic restoration services. The potential health hazards associated with squirrels, rats, and bats residing in the attic can be eliminated with full sanitation and attic restoration services which add cleanliness, improved air quality, and energy efficiency to the attic space and living space of your home.

These comprehensive wildlife control services cater to the unique challenges posed by urban wildlife in Brampton, ensuring a safe and harmonious coexistence between humans and the natural world.

Brampton Raccoon Removal

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Wildlife Removal Company


Hiring a professional City of Brampton wildlife control company is the safest and most efficient solution for a raccoon or squirrel removal Brampton problem on residential and commercial property.


Our trained technicians use humane methods to ensure the well-being of the animals when resolving wildlife issues. Don't risk injury or legal consequences by attempting removal yourself– trust the experts at Wildlife Removal Brampton for reliable and affordable animal control services. Contact our wildlife removal specialists today the start the raccoon removal process.

What Does Animal Services Toronto Do?


Animal Control Service specializes in domestic animals.

Animal control officers enforce laws regarding animal cruelty, neglect, and abandonment.


Similarly, the agency is working to make it possible that animal shelters can function within the law.

Occasionally animal control workers will take the animal to a local shelter or humane society.


License fees aid in animal control initiatives, and help ensure that pet owners keep pets updated with vaccinations as well.

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​Do You Need Pest Services or Animal Removal Professionals?


The Difference Between Pest Control, Animal Control, and Wildlife Control Services in the City of Brampton


It's not always obvious to our residential and commercial customers if they need to hire wild animal removal services or a pest control service. Rat infestations can be extremely noisy and sound like wild animals in the attic. Pest control and wildlife control services are two different things.


Pest control is the process of getting rid of nuisance pests, like insects and rodents, from your home or business. Professional animal control services, on the other hand, remove wildlife that is not considered pests, like skunks or raccoons.

The main difference between pest control and wildlife control services is that pest control is meant to get rid of pests using lethal methods, while wildlife control is meant to remove nuisance animals that are not considered pests using humane eviction methods. Pest control usually involves the use of lethal traps, pesticides and other chemicals, while wildlife control resolves animal issues with one-way doors. Pest control is typically done by extermination companies, while nuisance wildlife removal is often done by humane wildlife control companies.

  • Contact the city of Brampton animal services for sick or injured wildlife, domestic animals and stray animal control.

  • Contact private wildlife control Brampton companies for bird removal, humane raccoon removal service, and squirrel removal services

  • Contact local pest control services for rodent removal, wasp removal and bed bugs.


Most cities and urban areas in southern Ontario have public and private services for pests, unwanted wildlife, and pets. In Brampton Ontario, you can get experienced technicians that specialize in exactly what you need, just be sure and call the right pest or wildlife control service.

If You Hire A Roofer Instead Of Wildlife Control It Can Cost You

More In The Long Run


A roofer might assume because you haven’t heard any noise in the walls or because it's daytime, that the raccoon or other animal must be gone.  If the hole in the roof gets repaired and the raccoon is inside the attic or crawl space, the problem will get worse and more costly.

A professional wildlife removal Brampton company can send raccoon removal experts to inspect and properly identify the animal species. They will be prepared to get rid of bird nests, red squirrels, and raccoon babies when necessary by installing one-way doors and sealing potential entry points

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